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‘Dead’ fun baking!

11 Sep

Book Review: Lily Vanilli’sA Zombie Ate My Cupcake!

So I was doing my by-monthly float around Waterstones bookshop, placing a reserve for my copy of Steven Fry’s forthcoming memoirs (eeek can’t wait to read that juicy one!) when I saw this book literally leap out at me from a themed book table of ‘Cupcake’ titles. Amidst all the kitsch, quaint, chintz and pretty, lay this beautiful (in my oppinion!) book about delicious yet gruesome cake making! 😀

It took two turns of the pages before I clutched it to my chest and exclaimed “I”M HAVING IT!” in my best spoilt brat voice! My boyfriend looked at me approvingly for once at one of my impulse purchases (a look seldom reserved for my shopping habits) knowing that the results from this book would benefit him and he also thought the cakes looked pretty damn gory!

As soon as I reached home I was curled up with a cuppa to pour over the rich photography, imaginative use of ingredients, gory aesthetics and brilliant illustration by Paul Parker.

Below are some of the delightful images/creations taken from the book:

Some of Paul Parker’s illustrations you can expect…

This book is a great gift idea for anyone you know with a penchant for gore, a go-to for your Halloween party or for your ‘coffee table’ collection. I’m currently gathering ingredients to have a go at re-creating some of the recipes! Heads up though, these ingredients aren’t entirely readily available in your local supermarket but can easily be simplified for kids or a tighter budget…

Happy Baking! 😀