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MacBook de los Muertos

23 Sep

So i’m sure you’ve seen me harp on about my love of the Day of the Dead style and celebrations…what better way to add to my obsession than to adorn the very computer I am broadcasting this from in such finery! 😀

Etsy, the online treasure trove of all that is quirky, crafty, kitsch and quaint will sometimes throw out an item that you just can’t say no to, even if you favourite it for another look at a later time (a technique i’m finding helps with impulse buyers such as myself; favourite/bookmark an item, if you still like and want it that much after a few days and you can afford said item within reason, then go ahead!!). I’d been looking at vinyl stickers for my MacBook for a while now but didn’t like the ones that cover the entire lid in one sheet. This sticker is like a stencil that you have to lay on top and carefully apply like a an intricate decal or something similar…?

The outcome is far more detailed and I like running my hand over the texture of it!….I’m weird, I know!

This work of art was snapped up from the guys at Beepart who have quite a few vinyl stickers ready to adorn any trendy’s laptops and walls alike! So pop on over….the designs will simply get stuck on you….*giggles*

I’m debating taking off the nose part of the stencil and having the apple as the acting nose…I don’t know…any ideas?



‘Resin’-ating Love

12 Sep

Being a lover of original design and use of materials, I have become quite the Etsy.com addict! I trawl the pages for hours taking in all the quirky ideas, one-off designs and up-cycling of once useless bric-a-brac. This time I was instantly drawn to the work of Par Amour, a colab of tattooist/illustrator Dustin Lucas and graphic designer Keri Newton based in Augusta, Georgia. Their Etsy store showcases their talents in various forms including art prints and hand made jewellery.

I browsed their store and found two resin bangles which I fell in love with instantly! One of birds in flight and the other of a winter scene, detailed right down to the deer tracks in the snow. They were sent to me in the cutest packaging i’ve witnessed in a long time; black tissue paper, business card and sticker all wrapped up in a gold bow. Opening my purchase was an experience all in itself! I am a big fan of attention to detail and these guys don’t falter here that’s for sure!

As for the design and make-up of the bangles, the body of the bracelet is clear resin with a printed ‘scene’ on acetate dropped into the resin during the setting process. The overall effect is bespoke, modern yet minimal with the power to provoke compliments upon wearing them out and about!

I urge you to check them out, their store loot is constantly changing….i’d know, i’m always looking!