The literal Jimi Hendrix Experience!

11 Oct

It was a sunny Sunday in the big smoke (ironically), not content with staying in, I went out with a good friend to spend the rest of the day in the sixties…

We headed over to the Handel House Museum which coincidentally houses its offices in the flat itself that Jimi lived in with his English girlfriend in 1968, 23 Brook Street.

The exhibition, though small in size was in fact large with memorabilia and history. Taking in the life of the pioneer of a unique sound that millions have tried to reproduce since, it was hard not to shake your head and sigh in disbelief at being face-to-face with his death certificate and the famous jacket (below) and hat worn in so many iconic images.

I rarely linger in an exhibition unless I deem the material on display worthy of attention, I couldn’t take my eyes of everything. There were various cd-walkmans dotted around with rare recordings and prolific tracks that allowed you to take in the experience with more than one sense.

Unfortunately I had found out about this event slightly too late as all of the subsequent little extra viewings and events, including the opening up of his actual flat two floors above the exhibition, had all passed in September (the 40th Anniversary of his death) and early October. However, I would still wholeheartedly suggest visiting if you even have an ounce of rock in your veins…truely a legend…

For extra information on the exhibition check out the Facebook group and the Handel House website.



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